The Associazione Pediatri di Famiglia per i Bambini del Mondo – ChildCare WorldWide has been created by italian primary care pediatricians (family pediatricians) with previous experience in national and international cooperation to create a structured organization to develop projects focusing on general pediatric care in the community in collaboration with other countries of the world.

The 7000 Italian family pediatricians in the community are represented by FIMP (Federazione Italiana Medici Pediatri), having started their activities in Italy in the sixties , contributing to a dramatic improvement of the health of infants and children, also through preventive and social programs, becoming a role model among the international pediatric health care systems. The Association ChildCare WorldWide is offering to perfom a preventive intervention on the children, in particular focusing on the 2 to 6 years old, since in this group in many developing nations the health system may not reach an optimal coverage and care, using a reliable office medical record in order to improve the quality of general pediatric care of the neonate, child and adolescent in the community (out of hospital).

The goal is to evaluate the present health situation, screening possible pathological cases in subclinical phase (secondary prevention) in order to help the local Health authorities to plan primary prevention plans, which could be developed by local health authorities in collaboration with the italian primary care pediatricians; at the same time it is important to create an epidemiological registry and an user friendly electronic database to monitor the prevalence of diseases in the pediatric age and evalutate the outcome of future interventions.

It is essential to plan an educational project of the local health care providers (physicians, nurses, etc.) and support staff, in order that the project could continue in the future without the continuos presence of the italian pediatricians. The final goal is that the new organization of primary pediatric care in the community could be then sustained by the national health authorities using its health care providers (physicians, nurses, etc.) and support staff, with only the supervision of the italian pediatricians, if necessary.
The association ChildCare WorldWide is at present developing similar projects in CaboVerde and India.



Stefano del Torso (Padova)


Valeria Rossi (Rovigo)


Anna Morena Pavan (Padova)


Emilio Bergonzi (Como)
Gianpaolo Farina (Brescia)
Bruno Mordini (Modena)